Welcome to the legendary lands of Peru!

Contunor invites you to discover the amazing moments you could live in our country through various online services offered by our website with excelent prices.

These services are designed with high quality standards, so that you can make your choice comfortably and using an extremely friendly interface.

* Cost per person (US dollars) and valid for international residents. Hotel rates are based on double occupancy per day. Includes too: expert guides, tickets and transportation to and from the tourist places.

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Services Policy, Terms and Conditions
Bookings can be made at any of the Consorcio Turístico del Norte Trujillo E.I.R.L. offices (Contunor) or by filling out a form offered in a section of its Web site (www.Contunor.com) or by e-mail, chat or telephone. Contunor will respond to your request according to spaces availability by the same way and will issue a Sale Document in less than one week after the first payment. This document will be considered among the parties as a contract. Bookings are considered partial until the full payment made by the customer.

RATES: All rates are expressed in U.S. dollars, which are subject to change without notice. The rates displayed on the web site are by person, and programs are offered at reasonable shared service groups. If you want private services, you must specify this at your request.

ITINERARY: For many reasons it may be necessary to change the activities order of the itinerary. Contunor reserves the right to make, without warning, changes the order of the excursions or trips due to weather conditions, time of arrival, departure of airplanes, buses services or any other relevant reason. This will be made for the better development of the trip, without any compensation to the customer.

AIR TICKETS: The tickets cost are subject to availability and change without notice until they are issued. Once the tickets are issued, they are subject to the airlines policies. If the passenger wants to make any change in the ticket, he must report it at any Contunor`s phones: (+51-44) 23-3091 / 20-0412.

PAYMENT: All payments will have the following terms, unless the passenger finds special treatment prior to the booking:

BOOKING CANCELATION: Our customers may cancel their bookings when they whish. They are only required to send a written request to [email protected] ; The request will be answer by Contunor by the same way, considering the following rules:

  1. Bookings for lodging, public transportation, tickets and other services are purchased with the customer name, so they are subject to the policies of hotels, transport companies, airlines or other travel agents, who will settle the case directly with the customer.
  2. For the services that are directly operated by Contunor, each cancellation made by the customer involves a penalty that will depend on the criteria of Contunor, which will depend on operative cost, types of services requested, types of cases, time of cancellation, among other factors. There are certain services that are only charged for administrative costs and there are also those who are charged 100% of the payment. Tickets were purchased on the customer behalf will be handed.
  3. All services not performed or canceled voluntarily by customers during the itinerary will not be entitled to reimbursement or any readjustment.

LIABILITY:Contunor acts on behalf of our customers. The lodging, transport and other tourism services required are purchased by our company based on the customers names; so Contunor do not assume liability in case of accidents, losses, delays or interferences with the tour for reasons that Contunor can not control or that do not involve our responsibility, especially about programs and schedules.

IMPORTANT: Contunor is not responsible for illness, pregnancy, physical or mental disability, which could endanger the health or integrity of the passenger or third parties during the progress of the trips involving contracted, limitation or impediment the development of our tourism services. Therefore, Contunor DOES NOT recognize any claim or refund for the concepts mentioned above, including cases where under normal conditions they do not manifest any problem. If there are any restrictions of this nature, we request you to report it before hiring our services, so Contunor can recommend you specific services for these cases.